How can OnVoard Reviews help?

Save time by aggregating all your reviews in one place. Grow your business by increasing the number of reviews you are getting from your customers

Grow your Business

More reviews mean greater visibility on search engines. Businesses with more reviews also attract more customers.

Quickly Resolve Issues

Don't lose sight of what unhappy customers are saying about your business. Let us keep you in the loop on unresolved issues.

Track Performance

Compare and identify underperforming locations that could undermine your overall brand image.

Understand Customer Satisfaction

Your reviews tell how your customers felt about your business. Monitor trends and assess how your business fares over time.

One platform for all your reviews

Manually inspecting reviews on individual sites can be a tedious process. Let OnVoard do the grunt work of monitoring from major reviews sites.

Streamline your process

Just set up once and we will automatically fetch daily new reviews from monitored sites. Aggregated reviews can be filtered by listing, status, rating, source and date range.

Respond directly

Direct api integrations allow you to respond directly to reviews from Facebook and Google My Business without leaving OnVoard's dashboard.

Setup workflows

Use automated workflows to keep you informed of new reviews. Supports flexible customizations such as sending only 1-star and 2-star Facebook reviews to email.

Get more customer reviews

Your existing customers can be your best marketing asset. Use OnVoard's feedback tool to collect more reviews.

Amplify your brand

Remember that most happy customers don't leave a review. A small increase in your reviews volume would have a long-lasting impact on your business. Even more so than spending thousands of dollars on advertising campaigns.

Start early, start strong

It is vital for your business to collect more reviews from the start to ensure that a few negative reviews would not hamper your overall star ratings. More reviews also affirm that your products or services have been tested by multiple users.

Branded page (New)

Increase your response rates by sending reviews from your own custom domain like

Having five reviews results in purchase likelihood increasing by a factor of almost four times

Spiegel Research Center, 2017

Methods to request reviews

OnVoard supports a variety of avenues for you to request reviews from your customers across available touchpoints..


Drop customer an sms message with feedback link. Preferred over email since it has much higher open rates.


Drop customer an email with feedback link.

Direct link

Send customer directly to feedback page. Serve feedback page via your own branded url like


Use kiosk page to request reviews from customers directly after they check out. Just input customer's phone/email on the kiosk page and our system will drop them a message with feedback link.

Use with OnVoard Mentions for maximum coverage

Reviews monitoring helps you listen to users who are at the bottom of your marketing funnel. That is users who have purchased your product. What about users from the other segments of the funnel? These are users who have shown some level of interest or are considering to make a purchase.

OnVoard Mentions allows you to listen to these users by monitoring brand mentions from Facebook, Twitter and anywhere online. When used together with OnVoard Reviews, you now have maximum coverage to listen to conversations from users across your marketing funnel.