Automatically ask reviews from users who are likely to recommend your product.


Hassle free review request to level up your brand's persuasion factor

Customizable Email

Plenty of customization options for email. You can customize sending domain, email message, color themes, and call-to-action url.

Reminder Option

Follow-up with users who have not opened and clicked on email.

Built-In Deduplication

Send review requests without the fear of trashing your recipients' inbox. Just specify number of days to lookback and we will automatically deduplicate recipient with the same email.

Rewards Incentivization

You can specify rewards and incentivize users to write reviews. Keep track of incentivized reviewers and fulfillment status all within the dashboard.

Notification Workflows

Setup workflows to get notified whenever a reviewer apply for rewards. Keep your advocates happy by reducing the time it takes to fulfill rewards.


Setup once and automate your review request process


Use triggers to send review request with third party integrations. For example, automatically send review request to users from specified Mailchimp segments. Easily connect to over 1000 other services with our Zapier integration.

Survey Response

Send review request based on survey response. For example, only send if the user selects 9, 10 for NPS question.

In-Survey Review Request

If you prefer, you can even request for reviews at the end of survey based on user's answer.

Reviews Monitoring Free

Let OnVoard do the grunt work of monitoring from major reviews sites.

Streamline Reviews

Aggregate reviews from Google and Facebook.

Respond Directly

Direct api integrations allow you to respond directly to reviews from Facebook and Google without leaving OnVoard's dashboard.

Notification Workflows

Setup workflows to keep you informed of new reviews. Supports flexible customizations such as sending only 1-star and 2-star reviews to email or Slack.
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