How can OnVoard Truth help?

Ensure that your brand is visible online. Get rid of missing, incomplete and erroneous information about your business.

Get found online

For many businesses, the first point of contact with their users is online. Ensure that your business is there when your users are searching for it.

Sync listings data

Seamlessly sync listings data in real time with Facebook and Google My Business.

Bulk edit listings

Save time making edits to multiple listings. Bulk edit once and propagate changes to all specified listings.

Dominate local search

Ensure local search presence with up-to-date information for all your locations. Even better, use location page to further enhance your presence.

Standardize names for your listings

If you're running a multi-chain business, you need an organized way to manage listings for all your locations.


Every site uses a different naming convention for their listings. For example, Starbucks outlet at 8 Michigan Avenue is referenced as "Starbucks (8 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago)" on Facebook and "Starbucks" on Google Maps. As the number of sites and locations grows, it becomes a challenge to cross-reference and distinguish listings.


OnVoard utilizes the concept of "entity" to link similar listings from different sources so that they can all be referenced under a common distinct name. For our example, we can create "8 Michigan Avenue" and link the entity to its respective listings.

Knowledge manager for locations

Managing information for multiple locations with spreadsheets is a repetitive and boring process. OnVoard's knowledge manager is built to take that pain away.

Seamless workflow

Carefully crafted to make updating of location data effortless. Save time by replicating existing locations if you need to add similar locations. Gain full control of your listings information by selecting the exact fields that you wish to update.

Sync listings data

Direct api integrations allow us to push changes in real time. You can set up to automatically sync listings whenever data is updated, or if you prefer, trigger a manual sync.

Update once, publish everywhere

If you are running a multi-chain business, at some point in time you would need to make changes across multiple listings. Instead of manually update changes for each listing, use bulk edit to update once and propagate changes to all specified listings.

Why you shouldn't pay to update listings information?

At OnVoard, we are adamant that businesses should not be charged for updating facts. We recommend businesses to avoid paying directories and data aggregators that incur charges for information update. There's a conflict of interest in paying these "vendors" since they may be incentivized in providing inaccurate data to spur the growth of their revenue from paying customers.

OnVoard only works with vendors that don't incur charges for information update. We are currently api-integrated with Facebook and Google My Business, both of which allows us to push listings information in real time at no cost.

We are vested in the growth of open data so that accurate business information can be more accessible to everyone.