Setup surveys and distribute them across customer touchpoints.

Distribution Options

Various ways to distribute your surveys

Email Survey

Survey will be distributed over email. User clicks on email link and gets redirected to a page with all survey questions. The layout for redirected page is similar to Link Survey.

One-Click Email Survey

Email surveys that can be answered with one click. Unlike other survey distributions, you can only specify one question. Only Rating and Single Selection question type can be used.

Web Survey

Embed survey widget to your website. Appearance can be customized based on your preference.

Link Survey

Distribute survey via link. OnVoard will host and display all survey questions on a single page.

Core Features

Everything you need to start collecting feedback from your users

Question Types

Supports a variety of question types like text, rating, and selection options.


Action will be executed at the end of survey. Some commonly used in-survey actions include showing thank you message, displaying call-to-action, or asking the user if they would like to participate in an interview.


Use rules to conditionally route to specific question or action based on the previous question's answer. For example, given that question A is an NPS survey and B is hidden by default. We can add rules to show question B if user selects 8,9,10 for A.

Respondent Workflows

Setup workflows to automate tasks whenever we receive a new survey response


Get notified via channels like email and Slack for incoming negative survey response.

Sending Automations

Automatically send review or interview requests based on survey response. For example, you can set conditions to only send interview request if the user selects 9 or 10 for NPS question.
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