Hosted stories page for customer and employee stories.

Why use OnVoard Stories?

Designed from ground up so that you can add gorgeous looking stories to your site within minutes.

Explorable Stories

Stories are explorable via keyword and category filters. You've worked hard in getting these stories, now let us help you to get it seen.

PDF Generation

PDF gets generated automatically along with each story updates. Use it to win new deals.

No Coding Required

Editing a story is just like editing a blog post. You don't need any technical expertise to get started.


Purpose built with everything you need for stories display

Customizable Option

Plenty of customization options available including color themes, navigation links, and urls.

Custom Domain

Serve hosted stories page from your own branded url like

Featured Stories

Showcase your champion and make their story stand out. Featured stories get shown prominently on the main page.

Representative Quote

Specify an optional representative quote and add a personal voice to your story.

Mobile Friendly

We don't penalize your mobile users. Stories look equally as good on mobile devices.

Story Attributes

Stories can be assigned with attributes like industry, website, and region. Attributes will be shown along with the main content.

Hosting Options

Available Options to Host Stories Page.

OnVoard Hosted Stories Page

The default and easiest option to host your stories page. Just configure story site and add stories and we will take care of the rest. The default story site url will be something like but you can also setup custom domains to use branded urls like

Embed Stories in your Own Site

Embed stories to your own existing site. Story components will maintain their existing look but since it's embedded on your site, you can modify the display by overriding with your own custom CSS styles.

Fully API-Driven

If you would like to fully customize how stories appear on your site, you can use OnVoard's API to fetch stories data periodically and store it in your own datastore. OnVoard's role would be to provide you with the data and your team will handle the rest.
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