One-to-Many Approach

Scale your customer interview process with pre-specified questions. Questions can be answered by users within a rich text editor. More importantly, you can keep track and manage all interviews within a single workspace. Say goodbye to back-and-forth emails.

Create Opportunity for Customer Interviews

Don't wait until a customer leaves feedback before following-up with a customer interview request. Take a proactive approach by using OnVoard's survey tool to periodically engage with your customers. From there, segment your customers by satisfaction scores and follow-up with interview requests.

Incentivize users for participation

Customer interviews require time and effort from your users. Attach rewards to interviews so that you can motivate users to participate. Rewards are tagged along with interviews and can be managed within OnVoard's dashboard.

Easily Deploy Customer Stories

It will be futile to collect customer stories if you don't have a way to showcase it. Use OnVoard's Stories to easily host and deploy all your customer stories without any coding. You can even serve it on your own branded url like
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