Ask for reviews in-the-moment

Getting more reviews is all about asking at the right time. OnVoard is directly integrated with major platforms like Calendly, Acuity Scheduling and Shopify so that you can ask for reviews right after customers' interaction.

For example, you can automatically send review requests (or surveys) 30 minutes after an Acuity Scheduling appointment has ended.

Get reviews from existing customers

Have a list of existing customers that you want to send review requests? Use OnVoard's bulk send tool and drop review requests to 1000 recipients per upload.

We are also directly integrated with major email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, MailerLite and Campaign Monitor giving you the options to seamlessly send review requests to users from your email list.

Gauge customer satisfaction before asking

Want to get reviews from customers who are likely to recommend? Why not drop them a customer satisfaction survey before deciding whom to ask for reviews? Exclude unhappy customers and use rules to route them to a different path.

Use rewards to get more reviews

Not all review sites allow incentivization. But for those that do, you can attach rewards along with review requests and incentivize users for leaving reviews. Keeping track of rewards fulfilments can be easily done within OnVoard's dashboard.

Drop reminders

Your customers may be busy or have slipped their minds to leave a review for you. Follow-up and send them a gentle reminder to drop a review for your business.

Worried about sending to customers who've already left a review? We got you covered! Reminder will only be sent to users who have not opened or clicked on the email.
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