Organized Workspace for Customer Interviews

Manage and keep track of all customer interviews in a single workspace. Avoid the need to dig through multiple email threads for final versions of customer interviews.

Pre-Specified Questions to Scale Customer Interviews

Use pre-specified questions to conduct customer interviews at scale. Rich text editor gives your users the ability to answer interview questions with richer context. Formatting options include bold, italic, hyperlinking, quotes, image uploads, and video embedding.

Identify Suitable Candidates with Survey

You shouldn't ask an unhappy customer to participate in customer interview. Use OnVoard's survey tool to automatically identify satisfied customers who will be suitable candidates for customer interviews.

Programmatically Conduct Customer Interviews

Conducting customer interviews doesn't have to be a manual process. Use OnVoard's built-in tools and integrations to automate and scale your workflow. For example, periodically send customer satisfaction surveys to your Mailchimp users and automatically follow-up interview requests with satisfied users.

Features to help you to conduct customer interviews at scale

Customizable Email

Plenty of customization options for email. You can customize sending domain, email message, color themes, and rewards.

Reminder Option

Follow-up with users who have not opened and clicked on email.

Built-In Deduplication

Send interview requests without the fear of trashing your recipients' inbox. Just specify number of days to lookback and we will automatically deduplicate recipient with the same email.

Rewards Incentivization

You can specify rewards and incentivize users to participate in interview. Manage interview and rewards fulfillment all within the dashboard.

Notification Workflows

Setup workflows to get notified whenever interview has been created or responded.
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