How can OnVoard PopBoxes help?

You work hard to earn that 5-star review. Why not turn that into a social proof and improve your conversion rates?

Configurable rules

Use rules to filter contradictory notifications such as negative ratings or listings with insignificant number of reviews.

No limits or threshold

Use popboxes without worrying about hitting any notifications or traffic limits. OnVoard does not charge popboxes by usage.

Leave grunt work to machines

Just link to your Facebook or Google account and OnVoard will automatically fetch listings details and reviews. Our system will extract quotes from reviews and run sentiment analysis on each quote so that only positive quotes gets shown on your page.

Quotes approval

Easily opt for quotes approval if you prefer to manually validate positive quotes via human audit.

Rating Notification

Show listing's overall rating details in notifications to convince visitors that your brand is tried and tested by other users.

Quote Notification

Show quotes extracted from reviews to highlight key aspects on why your brand is chosen by reviewers.