How can OnVoard Notifiers help?

Customer reviews can make or break your business. Get notified via your preferred communication channels when you receive new reviews.

Available for free

Free for all users. Why? The more you use it, the more exposure it will bring for our other paid products.

Lite monitoring

Notifier can be used to monitor Facebook, Google, iOS Appstore, and Google Play reviews.

Communication channels

Easily get notifications from your preferred channels. Currently supports email and slack updates.

Customized workflows

Setup customized workflows catered to your own use case. For example, send negative Facebook reviews to and positive Google Play reviews to

What exactly is OnVoard Notifier?

Notifier is a free lite monitoring service provided by OnVoard. It can be used to send notifications based on reviews from Facebook, Google, iOS Appstore, and Google Play. The most common use case is to use it to monitor negative reviews for your business.

OnVoard Reviews (paid) is an enhanced version of Notifier with additional features such as analytics, aggregated display, direct reply and review request.