How can OnVoard Mentions help?

If you want to build your brand you need to understand what others saying about it online.

Understand your target market

Find out where does your brand stands amongst your competitors. People discussing your brand are either existing customers or have shown some level of interest.

Detect and prevent media crisis

Bad news travels fast. That's why you need to react to issues before they turned into a crisis.

Competitive analysis

Monitor your competitors and unravel their online strategy.

Increase Engagement

Identify key influencers and brand advocates. Engage with them proactively to show them you care.

One platform for all your brand mentions

Everything you need to monitor, respond and understand users that matters.

Native and optimized design

Optimally designed to provide you with the best native experience. Details are meticulously arranged so that message looks similar to the version seen from source.

Respond directly

React and respond directly to posts and comments within OnVoard's platform.


Add tags to categorize mentions into groups for easy reference.

Manage and analyze collected mentions

It can be challenging to manage mentions in huge volume. Use workflows to automate and reduce your workload.


Setup workflows to automate tasks to auto-tag mentions or marking it as trash. For example, you can automatically mark mentions as trash if the content contains keyword "lottery".


Measure share of voice by comparing mentions volume across various channels.