We're simplifying our pricing structure by replacing subscriptions for each app with a single gold subscription.

Single Gold Subscription

Gold subscription will provide access to all OnVoard apps. Gold subscription starts at $10/mo with additional usage charges:

  • $5 for every 1000 active contacts.
  • $1 for every 1000 email sends.

For more details, go to pricing page and use our pricing calculator to calculate estimated monthly pricing.

Existing Subscribers

If you have already subscribed to OnVoard, your existing plans remain intact. You do not need to make any changes.

Rationale for the change

Our previous pricing structure which allows individual app subscription was too complicated and difficult to maintain as we add more apps. We end up with several merchants who've subscribed to multiple apps even though single all-in-one subscription is cheaper. Also, merchants that use more than 1 apps are the ones that have most success with our platform.

Removal of free plans

We're removing free plans from all our apps except for AOV progress bar. Unfortunately, having permanent free plans isn't working for us. We've incurred additional $200/mo server costs from last month to handle traffic spikes even though revenue didn't went up. Currently, only 4-5% of accounts are on paid subscriptions.

Since OnVoard is 100% bootstrapped, the reality is that paid accounts are covering the costs to support free accounts. In other words, a single paid account is covering the cost to support 19 free accounts. To make everything fair and sustainable, we're removing free plans for all our apps except for AOV progress bar. Existing users on free plans will be on free trial until 1st October 2021.

Why separate email sends usage charges?

Most email marketing platforms determine monthly charges by the number of active contacts. This way of charging isn't optimal, since sending usage varies from month to month. For example, merchants will deliver more emails during holiday seasons like Nov/Dec. By reducing rates for active contacts and charge email sends separately, merchants will reduce costs with this pricing structure.

Another key factor is because we have plans in the future to allow merchants to deliver emails via their own SMTP provider. This means that you can connect to your own Route53/Sendgrid/Mailgun account to deliver emails and have full control over things like IP address. For these users, OnVoard won't charge you for email sends since emails are delivered via your own SMTP provider.

How does the pricing compare with other platforms?

Let's use Mailchimp for comparison given a merchant that delivers 4X emails to 5000 active contacts. Most merchants send no more than 4X emails.

With Mailchimp pricing, you would pay:

  • Around $80/mo for standard plan
  • We're using standard plan for comparison since essentials and free plan doesn't support workflow automations.

With OnVoard pricing, you would pay:

  • $10/mo base price
  • $25 for 5000 active contacts
  • $20 for 20,000 email sends
  • $55 monthly charges.

Product Updates

Below are some changes we've added for products.

Contacts Bulk Action

You can use contacts bulk action to perform actions on large number of contacts using CSV file.  Some examples of what you can do with bulk actions includes:

  • Adding/removing contacts from lists
  • Adding/removing contacts from tags
  • Bulk unsubscribing contacts from emails
  • Bulk update double opt-in status

Improved CSV Import

We've improved CSV import to make it more flexible.

You can now specify mappings for each CSV columns. This allows you to import CSV data from any platform as long as they provide required fields.

Slow Response from 14th September to 24th September

I will be away for military reservist during this period and will have limited accessibility. For non-urgent issues, I should be able to response to all enquiries in the weekends. During this period, please be prepared for slower response time for support. Thank you for your understanding.