It has been a tireless year for us. As mentioned in our previous post, we have been working on extending our platform and working on API and integrations with other platforms. Today, I am glad to announce that we're introducing a set of features and improvements that we have added to OnVoard.

API and Integrations

Opening our APIs allows us to work with other platforms and integrate with your existing workflow. For start, we have added a few integrations including Zapier, Slack, Acuity Scheduling, and Mailchimp. In the coming weeks, we will be "onvoarding" more integrations. If you need us to integrate with any existing vendors that you are already using, just let us know!

How can these integrations help?
The 2 most common use cases for OnVoard's APIs are:

1) Send new reviews to your preferred communication channel.
This could be your email, collaboration tools (Slack), or helpdesk solution (Zendesk).

2) Automatically send review request based on certain triggers.
For instance, you can drop an sms to request for reviews 5 minutes after your customer has ended his/her appointment.

Zapier App
OnVoard's Zapier App allows you to connect to over 1000 other services and set triggers to automatically request reviews from your users. Just follow this invite link to add OnVoard's app to your zap.

API Docs
If you are a developer or are interested to work with OnVoard's APIs, feel free to take a look at our API docs.

Triggers and Automations

Triggers can be used to automate the process of sending review request. Using Acuity Scheduling as an example, we can automatically send a review request to users who have completed appointments. This automation takes away the manual work of requesting reviews and allows you to focus on business.

While the advantages of automations seem obvious, it can also annoy your users if it's not implemented well. 2 common scenarios you certainly want to avoid:

  • Sending sms to your users in the middle of the night.
  • Repeatedly spamming the same message
Preview of Automation Settings for Review Request

To work around that, we recommend using Automation Settings to specify a deduplication window and schedule so that messages get delivered optimally.


Preview of Notifiers Dashboard

Lastly, we are adding Notifiers, a free lite monitoring service available for all users. With Notifier, you can stay notified via your preferred communication channels (email/slack) when you receive new reviews from Facebook, Google, iOS Appstore, and Google Play. If you prefer, you can add filters to only be notified for reviews after it has met certain conditions. For example, filter 1-star and 2-star reviews from facebook to get notifications only for negative facebook reviews.

Preview of how a notified message looks like on Slack

Feel free to try out Notifier today!