Often, it is better to send a review request with your own branded url like feedback.yourawesomebrand.com instead of a third party url like bit.ly/AkIbj.

Response rates will be better since users will feel safer clicking on links to your domain instead of a dubious url. Technically, this is not that something that is easy to implement. Regardless, OnVoarders understand the benefit of having your own custom domains in feedback links and that is why we undertook this challenge. Today, we are proud to add this feature to OnVoard's platform.

You can custom domains for feedback or kiosk page. Up to 10 custom domains can be added for each account. Just specify your custom domain and add a CNAME record to your DNS settings. Once that is done, click on verify and our system will do the hard work of verifying and generating SSL cert for the custom domain. If everything goes right you should be able to set up your custom domains in 5 minutes.

At the same time, we're removing the following features from OnVoard's platform.

Removed Features

  • Posts
  • Location Pages
  • Store Locators
Over 38k lines of code removed

As we understand our users better, we have a better grasp on which products to prioritize. Building an all-in-one posting tool is complex since every social platform that you integrate with have their own rules, caveats, and limitations. It requires a lot of resources which we felt could be better allocated on products that can make a greater impact for our users. For social posting, we recommend using a pure play vendor like Buffer.

What's next on our roadmap?

Over the next few weeks, we will be focusing on api and integrations other platforms so that you can make full use of OnVoard in an automated fashion.