Facebook recently made some changes to the reviews system. The old 5 star ratings system has now been replaced with a binary "yes/no" recommendations.

The gist of this is that it will be easier for users to leave a review and at the same time, evens out the weightage of each vote since certain users have the tendency to rate things on the extreme scale. This move isn't new considered how Netflix also moved to binary rating system earlier this year.

The question now is, how would a page's overall rating be calculated?

It will be based on the aggregate of your historical 5-star ratings and recommendations score. Only pages with sufficient ratings and recommendations will have an overall rating. Thus if your newly created page has 1 recommendation, page rating probably won't be shown.

What this means for OnVoard users?

We have made changes to our platform to pull in facebook recommendations for your reviews. Old facebook reviews will still be shown in 5-star rating format while new reviews will be displayed in highlighted "Recommend" or "Doesn't Recommend" text.