How to get started?

Follow steps below to participate in OnVoard affiliate program.


Get an OnVoard account

First, sign up or login to your OnVoard account. The affiliate program is available for all OnVoard users, even for those on free plan.

Update Affiliate Details

Specify PayPal email for payouts and customize shortcode to prettify your affiliate links.

Promote Affiliate Link

Copy affiliate link and promote OnVoard to your users. If a user signs up from your affiliate link, our system will automatically record them as your referrals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions for affiliates.

What is the commission rate?

Affiliates will get 30% lifetime recurring commission for every referral. For discounted price, the commission is reduced by the percentage amount of the discount. Commission will be void for refunds.

How do you track referrals?

We use 30-day cookie to track referrals. Last-Click attribution is used to identify referring affiliates.

How does affiliate receive payouts?

OnVoard pay affiliates via PayPal. Minimum payouts start from $50. OnVoard pay on NET 45 terms. Thus, February's commissions will be fulfilled by 15th April if minimum payouts are met. The delay window is due to possibility of refunds.

Are there any restricted affiliate activities?

Below are some prohibited activities:

  • Abuse
  • Cheating
  • Self-referrals
  • Using misleading or incorrect information
  • Using discount coupons that are not assigned to you
  • PC advertising with OnVoard's keywords or trademark
  • Promoting via coupon sites
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